Yulai Academy

The Academy of the Yulai Federation

New Eden can be a scary and dangerous place. So why travel through it alone? Join Yulai Academy, so that our experienced null-sec pilots can train you or your corporation in how to fight, survive, and thrive in null sec. Best of all, if you succeed in Yulai Academy, you will be invited to join the Yulai Federation. Service guarantees citizenship.

What is Yulai Academy?

Yulai Academy is a new organization, dedicated towards helping new players, returning players, and high-sec corporations that have been interested in taking the leap into null-sec.

Who can join?

Pilots can join any of the Yulai Academy corporations, just get in contact with the recruiters of our corporations. If you are a corporation, you can apply to Yulai Academy as well. Just drop by in our diplo channel – YF-DIPLO – and have a chat with us.

What can Yulai Academy do for you?

We will train you about life in null sec. Our pilots will help you with null-sec PVP warfare, fittings, mining, industry, and every other activity. Additionally, the alliance offers a generous SRP and access to many of the PVP and mining fleets that are new-player friendly.

Most importantly, with dedication and service, Yulai Academy will allow you to apply for membership to any of the Yulai Federation corporations, or allow your corporation to potentially join Yulai Federation, with a home in Immensea in our sov space.

What can you do for Yulai Academy?

You and/or your corporation can be a part of something bigger than yourself. You can join the fight to defend our space, once you make it your home too. You can be a part of a great online community of players who have fought for years, while providing many opportunities to fight and gain glory for your corporation and Yulai Federation.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our recruiting channel: YF-DIPLO